SC406Z or SC506Z 3 credits $310

In this exciting and diversified course, K-12 educators will learn how to identify trees around their school and in the local neighborhood, and will discover dozens of intriguing and meaningful lessons to teach their students, both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers will also learn how to integrate tree study with math, art, language and social studies activities. Field trip opportunities, guest speakers and community involvement projects will also be discussed.

NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE: Lesson Ideas for Your Local Community
 ED438ray15 or ED538ray15 3 Credits $310

In this exciting and diversified course, you’ll extend learning for your students BEYOND those classroom walls. You’ll discover dozens of ways to use your school building, school grounds, school neighborhood and local community to enhance learning throughout the curriculum, and you’ll develop strategies to keep your students learning, even when they’re not in school. You’ll be presented with ideas that can be integrated with math, science and social studies lessons, to tie academic skills with real world experiences. This course is applicable for teachers of K-12, and can be implemented in any community.

STUDYING PORTLAND'S ART: Resources & Ideas for Making Art Come Alive in Your Classroom 
HU404p or HU504p 3 credits $310

In this fun and exciting course, you’ll discover how to use Portland’s public art collection as a springboard for meaningful classroom lessons. Your study will take you to Downtown Portland, to some of Portland’s parks, along the Westside MAX line, and inside impressive museums. Along the way, you’ll discover historic murals, gorgeous paintings, wood carvings, ceramic tile works, sidewalk inscriptions, functional art displays and culturally diverse art works. You need not be an art teacher. This course is applicable to K-12 teachers. As you explore, you’ll learn how to develop classroom lessons and projects that can be incorporated with other subject areas to make art lessons fun, meaningful and exciting for your students.

TEACHING PORTLAND’S HISTORY: Resources and Ideas for Making Portland’s History Come Alive!
HI 403e or HI 503e 3 credits $310

Discover Portland’s history on foot, in museums and through historical readings, and then learn how to bring this information to your students in fun and exciting ways! You’ll become an expert on Portland’s past, and most importantly, you’ll develop lots of ideas for making Portland’s history exciting for your students.

Course Number TBA 3 Credits $310

Discover dozens of ways to involve your students in fun, environmentally sustainable, earth-friendly projects, and how to tie their learning to academic areas. Learn how to create native plant gardens, water and energy conservation programs, recycling and composting stations and functional, earth-friendly eco-roofs. In addition, low energy transportation options will be discussed, including bicycling and public transportation. Learn about community-based art projects to beautify schools and neighborhoods.

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