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Swifts and Other Local Birds: Adaptation to Life on the Wing
Saturday, September 14, 2024
Course Number SC417X or SC517X 1 Credit $140
There can be additional materials and entrance fees. Check with the instructor for specific details for this class.

Note: This class will be taught by Jake Gordon

In this exciting class, we‘ll explore the unique phenomena of the Vaux swifts annual migration, and their nightly pilgrimage during September to Portland’s Chapman School chimney.  We will be joined by a bird expert, who will teach us ways to identify local birds using a variety of sensory clues, and many ideas will be discussed for integrating bird study throughout the curriculum. The class will culminate with an opportunity to view the arrival of the swifts at sunset, a truly unique natural and cultural event in Portland. On some September evenings, more than 25,000 swifts enter the chimney at dusk. In addition, we will learn about predatory birds and the challenges facing all local birds in an increasingly more urban ecosystem. Our adventures will include lesson ideas that will energize science, art and language arts activities across the curriculum in K-12 classrooms.