School Tours

Peter offers a variety of hands-on tours for school and home school groups that focus on learning more about the city's art, architecture, history, parks, fountains, transportation systems and bridges. As a former school teacher, Peter can help students meet educational goals through the tours. Fees for all tours: $200 for one class of up to 30 students (includes teachers and chaperones). $400 for two classes at the same time.  Tour rates effective September 15, 2019.

Here is what Peter offers:

Central City Tour 

3-4 hours. This tour focuses on the city's art, architecture history, urban parks and fountains. Hands-on activities are included. 

Bridge Walking Tour

3-4 hours. This tour includes a walk over a minimum of three Downtown bridges and discussions of five other bridges. The tour focuses on bridge history and design. Transportation options are discussed as students explore Tom McCall Waterfront Park and the Eastbank Esplanade. 

Combination Central City and Bridge Tour 

3-4 hours. On this tour, students visit several downtown locations and also walk sections of the waterfront to learn about the city's bridges and transportation options. 

Plant and Tree Tour 

3-4 hours. This tour includes a study of trails and natural areas in the Hoyt Arboretum where students discover both native and introduced tree species. Great for fall field trips. 

4T Adventure  

4 hours. On this tour, students hike the Marquam Trail to Council Crest Park, to visit the city's highest point and to learn more about local geography. From there, students make their way to OHSU, where they can ride the Aerial Tram to the South Waterfront. Next, we ride the Portland Streetcar and MAX train to experience a variety of transportation modes. 

Other customized tours can be arranged, including step on guide service for trips to the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood.