Exploring NE Portland's Cultural Neighborhoods
Saturday, November 2, 2024
Course Number SS418Z/SS518Z 1 Credit $140
There can be additional materials and entrance fees. Check with the instructor for specific details for this class.

In this exciting new class, we will explore two culturally diverse NE Portland neighborhoods to discover each area’s public art, architecture, trees, and historic sites. We’ll begin with a walk through Alberta Park and the historic Concordia neighborhood. We’ll also tour the Kennedy School, an historic landmark, featuring an abundance of culturally based artwork. Next, we’ll walk along Alberta Street, where we will see more than two dozen beautifully created murals that enhance the neighborhood’s culture and beauty. In the afternoon, a tour of the Grant Park & Hollywood neighborhood will enrich our knowledge of the art, architecture, parks, history, and cultural resources of these NE Portland locations. Most importantly, we’ll discuss ways to bring the study of art, nature, local history, and culture to our students through meaningful classroom lessons and field trips. Our adventures will provide ideas that will energize history, science, math, and art activities across the curriculum in K-12 classrooms.

NOTES: We will walk about 4-5 miles during the day, so it will be important to arrive in relatively good physical shape. Our pace will be leisurely and will focus on exploration, discovery, and discussion.

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