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Upcoming Tours

Contact Peter by phone or text at (503) 704-7900, or via email at to learn of the meeting locations, and to reserve a spot.

Celebrating 24 Years of Walking Portland

About Peter

Peter Chausse is a part time instructor with The Heritage Institute/Antioch University, where he conducts over 30 different courses for School teachers throughout the year that focus on local art, architecture, Natural science and history. A former elementary and middle school teacher, Peter has a degree in Forestry, and worked for the U.S. Forest Service before entering the teaching profession. He has owned and operated, "Peter's Walking Tours of Portland," since 1995. Each year, Peter leads more than 50 tours of Downtown Portland and vicinity. The tours are appropriate for all age groups and have proven to be fun and educational adventures.

Peter's Walking Tours and Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming Classes

​​​​​​​​Weds.- Fri., June 26-28, Exploring Portland's Parks

​Sat., June 29, Columbia R. Greenspace--BICYCLE CLASS

​​Mon., July 1st, Trail, Tram, Trolley Train

Tues., July 2nd, Central Columbia River Gorge

​​Sun., July 7th, North Portland....Naturally

​​Mon., July 8th, Western Gorge & Troutdale

​​Thurs., July 11th, Upper Hood River Valley

​​Sat., July 13th, Orange Line MAX

​Mon., July 15th, Bonneville Dam & Eagle Creek
Weds.-Fri., July 17-19 Exploring Portland's Hidden Parks