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Try Peter's co-teacher Jake Gordon. He offers a few of Peter's former Salem classes and will have some new classes in the fall. Check out Oregon Field Classfor more information.​​

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Classes through September posted now. Click here for more details.

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Celebrating Over 30 Years of Teaching Classes

About Peter

Peter Chausse is a part time instructor with The Heritage Institute/Antioch University, where he conducts over 50 different courses for School teachers throughout the year that focus on local art, architecture, Natural science and history. A former elementary and middle school teacher, Peter has a degree in Forestry, and worked for the U.S. Forest Service before entering the teaching profession.


"Peter Chausse’s classes have made my understanding of Portland and Oregon history, as well as nature, much deeper and something I roll into my lessons effortlessly. I am very appreciative of his 30 years of experience at our disposal. I intend to take more of his classes for fun because I learn so much!" 

​"Peter Chausse's classes are interesting and educational. He made it fun to learn".

"Peter Chausse is amazing! My students and I benefit from his knowledge and insights!"

Peter Chausse,  Instructor of Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming Classes with Peter Chausse​​​​​

Thurs., July 7, Central Columbia River Gorge & Hood River

​Fri., July 8, SW Portland & Dunthorpe

​Sat., July 9, Trail, Tram, Trolley, Train

​Tues., July 12, Lower Sandy River

Weds.-Fri., July 13-15, Exploring Portland's Hidden Parks

Sun., July 17, Natural & Historic Areas in E. Mult. County

Mon. July, 18, Larch Mountain Trail

​Weds., July 20, Upper Hood River Valley

Fri., July 22, Oregon Zoo & World Forestry Center, Too

Sat., July 23, Columbia River Greenspace