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Try Peter's co-teacher Jake Gordon. He offers a few of Peter's former Salem classes and will have some new classes in the fall. Check out Oregon Field Classfor more information.​​

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Classes through August posted now. Click here for more details.

​Driving Tours available. Click here for more details.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Teaching Classes

About Peter

Peter Chausse is a part time instructor with The Heritage Institute/Antioch University, where he conducts over 50 different courses for School teachers throughout the year that focus on local art, architecture, Natural science and history. A former elementary and middle school teacher, Peter has a degree in Forestry, and worked for the U.S. Forest Service before entering the teaching profession. 

Peter Chausse,  Instructor of Continuing Education Courses

Upcoming Classes with Peter Chausse​​​​​

​Mon., July 26, Ramona Falls Trail

Weds., July 28, NE Portland's Cultural Neighborhoods

Fri., July 30, Mt. Hood's Alpine Areas

Sun., Aug. 1, OMSI & More

​Mon., Aug. 2, Oregon Zoo & World Forestry Center, Too

Tues., Aug. 3, Forest Park and NW Portland

Weds.-Thurs., Aug. 4-5, Portland's Interstate MAX Line